Opendoor Outreach

Connecting the Church to it's Jewish roots

2020 Calendar Dates

Sunday 26th January
Sunday 23rd February
No meeting in March

No meeting in April
No meeting in May
Sunday 28th June
No meeting in July
Sunday 30th August
Sunday 27th September
Sunday 25th October
Sunday 29th November

All meetings begin at 6pm and conclude approximately 8:30pm. These "Moriah Gatherings" provide an opportunity to hear from the Joseph Storehouse/Vision for Israel. They bring news from Israel and an update on the latest work of the charity there. The meetings are often hosted by one of the charities' founders and host of Roots and Reflections TV programme, Barry Segal. Please sign up to our email list via the contact form to ensure you know whether any particular meeting will be hosted by Barry or the UK representative of the charity, Alistair Scott. In some instances last minute changes to the host take place owing to scheduling issues or unforeseen travel commitments of Barry. There is a regular opportunity to give an offering to the work in Israel.

Tea & Coffee and cake are available for about 30 minutes after the meeting to offer an opportunity for fellowship. Donations for refreshments are welcomed.

Free will offering
A basket will be available for any who wish to make a contribution to Opendoor Outreach. Any received donations go towards the costs of hosting the meeting and towards the monthly tithes made by Opendoor Outreach. Tithes are currently made to Chosen People Ministries, the Joseph Storehouse, Operation Exodus, the Church Mission to the Jews (CMJ UK), the Society for the Distribution of Hebrew Scriptures and the Messianic Congregation Kehilat HaCarmel.