Opendoor Outreach

Connecting the Church to it's Jewish roots

Opendoor Outreach tithes each month to the following Messianic Jewish Ministries

CMJ UK- The Church Mission to the Jews

The Joseph Storehouse/Vision for Israel- provides humanitarian aid in Israel

Chosen People Ministries (UK)- a ministry reaching out to Jewish people with the message that Yeshua (Jesus) is the awaited Jewish Messiah

Operation Exodus- an interdenominational Christian organisation helping Jewish people to return to the land of Israel

Kehilat HaCarmel- is a community of Messianic believers located on Mt. Carmel, near the city of Haifa. In addition to the messianic congregation, there is a Hebrew-speaking sister congregation. They do and have run several social initiatives such as a men's drug rehabilitation centre and a women's shelter. The Carmel Congregation began in 1991 and was founded by David and Karen Davis.

The Society for the Distribution of Hebrew Scriptures- distributes free copies of bi-lingual Hebrew Scriptures for Jewish readers. These scriptures are in Hebrew and the local tongue of the reader. These contain the Old & New Testaments. In addition to hard copies, many of the scriptures are available for electronic download in pdf files. The Old Testaments are produced in the order of the Jewish Cannon.