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Israel Tour 2010

Opendoor Outreach's first took a tour of Israel in 2010. The summary of the trip is written from the perspective of a first-time visitor. If you are interested in a trip to Israel please take a read for a flavour of what awaits. The first time you visit makes quite an impression. The Sea of Galilee can't have changed that much since the time of Jesus. You're struck with so many ancient sites in various conditions. Sometimes there are too many to taken in properly. Megiddo, for example, has a history of some 8,000 plus years with 26 settlements discovered one upon another. Then you contrast that with the modernity of Jerusalem and marvel at the speed you can receive a text from back home. I remember replying to a text from a friend in London and receiving a reply back within seconds. At first I thought there was a problem with my mobile phone and that I was receiving a text twice! And finally you walk through the old city of Jerusalem, through the tight streets and old stones. It's extraordinary to walk through a city with so much history dating back 3,000 or so years, yet one that is thriving in modern times with all the hustle and bustle associated with a modern city. People, congestion, businesses, tourists, restaurants, shopping centres, trains, trams, hills, construction and sprawl. The trip we took was March 2010 but this summary was written in May 2019. Read Moreā€¦