Opendoor Outreach

Connecting the Church to it's Jewish roots

Daniel Nessim from Chosen People Ministries

Daniel Nessim gave us a talk titled "Peace, Prophecy and Propaganda". He looked at Israel of old and new. He warned us that just before times of trouble, in the time of Jeremiah, the people were saying "peace". He gave some examples of those who had been afraid of Israel and fought against God's plans and people. He cited Barak, Pharaoh and Herod. He said if only they had known their blessings would come through Israel and that they were fighting with God. He pointed to prophecy concerning Israel's restoration. That that restoration happened first in unbelief. He pointed towards media propaganda used against Israel. He looked at Matthew 24 for warnings of the last days and finally he encouraged us with the fig tree in blossom!